MANUFACTURER: DTI | MODEL: FC300CNC | Age: 2012 | Ref # (item #): 35941
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(1) Used DTI Model FC300CNC CNC Facing & Centering Machine - New 2012


 Max. workpiece length:   105.7"
 Min. workpiece length:  15.7" 
 Max. gripping diameter:        
 Min gripping diameter:   3.75"
 Milling spindle power:  40 HP
 Milling spindle torque:  2065 ft-lbs
 Milling spindle speed:  75 - 150 RPM 
 Drilling spindle power:   5 HP
 Drilling spindle speed:  400 -  1200 RPM
 Milling cutter diameter:  12"
 Max. depth of cut:   5/16"
 Drilling spindle stroke:  6.75"
 Slide cross travel:  29"
 Feedrate  0 - 400 IPM
 Milling & Drilling spindle runout:  0.0002" TIR 
 Facing flatness  0.0005"/12" diameter
 Positioning accuracy  
 - carriage ("Z" axis)  +/- 0.001"
 - cross slide ("X" axis)  +/- 0.001"
 Repeatability   +/- 0.0005"

Equipped with:
  Siemens Sinumerik CNC control 
 Simple MDI programming
 External hydraulic systems
 Chip collection system

Machinery Network, Inc.
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